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Trish Brew of Fever Tree

Essence of Harrogate catches up with Fever-Tree Tonic Australian Brand Ambassador Trish Brew to find out why their Tonic stacks up against the rest and what’s coming up for the popular brand. 

What is it that makes Fever-Tree the ideal tonic to pair with Gin?
Fever-Tree is the only mixer brand which goes to the ends of the earth to procure the finest ingredient’s, including the highest quality quinine used in our tonics. Our mixers are crafted to precision to enhance the finest spirits and we also have quite the array to suit every product and palate.

Best way to serve a Gin and Tonic? Chilled or with ice?
I’m quite particular when it comes to constructing a G&T – life’s too short for an average drink! It all starts with the glassware, choose something large and elegant with a thin lip. Select your favourite Slingsby Gin of choice and be liberal! Add the best quality and largest ice cubes attainable (please no servo ice) and ensure your Fever-Tree tonic is chilled, as this will keep the bubbles tighter for longer. Have fun with your garnishes! Add some complementary citrus, herbs, fruits, spice or all the above and enjoy.

Most interesting people you have shared a drink with?
To be honest most people get more interesting after a couple of drinks *chuckles. I’ve honestly had some of the best conversations in my life with complete strangers whilst sitting alone at a bar. Give anyone the time of day and they will surprise you and teach you something new.

What’s coming up we can look forward to with Fever-Tree?
Fever-Tree recently hosted a G&T festival at First Fleet park in Sydney, and to great success! It was a sold-out event! As such we will be putting on another one but this time in Brisbane, which we are looking forward to having our friends at Slingsby exhibit. To stay up to date on all thing Fever-Tree please follow us on Instagram: @fevertreeaustralia