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The Margarita Mum

Essence of Harrogate meets cocktail recipe creator, photographer and stylist - Rhonda Withers aka The Margarita Mum.

The registered nurse, shares what her inspiration is for whipping up delicious (and seriously stunning) drinks, while managing the balance of life and family.

Do you remember when you first tasted a margarita? Was it at home or were you out somewhere?
Great Question! I think the first margarita I had was when I was 21 in Florida! I had just finished my first year of working as a registered nurse, I saved all my money and went to the US and Bahamas for my first overseas trip! 

What was the moment that started your interest in creating recipes and making drinks?
Pre 2016, I usually just had margaritas when I went out. I had made the margarita mix type at home on the odd occasion. When I came across a delicious bottle of Mezcal about 5 years ago, I mixed it up with some Ruby grapefruit (because limes were so expensive at the time), took a photo and posted it on social media. 

How do you strike a balance?
With Great difficulty - you know how long it took me to do this interview! In all seriousness l, I get up very early and try to be as organised as possible. 

The photographs on your Instagram are beautiful. How did you learn to create such memorable images?
Thank you. That's very kind. I am self-taught and have 5 years experience now. I make my own backboards and I mostly work with natural light 

What can followers expect in the future from The Margarita Mum?
Oooh well there are quite a few exciting things coming watch this space. In the meantime, there will continue to be cocktail and mocktail ideas coming your way.