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The Gin Queen

Essence of Harrogate caught up with the oracle of all things gin – Caroline Childerley known as The Gin Queen, who was voted in the Top 100 Influential List by Australian Bartender Magazine, voted by Gin Magazine’s Icons of Gin – Communicator of the Year 2020, was an Australian Ambassador for World Gin Day, has been a judge at numerous popular events and the list goes on.

Here, we find out about her passion for gin, how it all began and just how many the well-known Gin Queen has taste tested.

You’re the Gin Queen - tell us more about where it all started. Do you remember trying gin for the first time?
I first tasted gin in my teens and was not a fan. Fortunately my taste buds developed and when I returned to it much later, I fell in love.

What do you feel makes gin stand out from the crowd?
With all the flavoured/pink/sweet gins around, sometimes a little juniper is all it takes! Seriously though, it’s all about well-balanced ingredients and a smooth finish. The ability to work in the three most popular gin drinks - G&Ts, martinis, and Negron's is also a huge plus. You’d be surprised at how many gins only work with a mixer.

What’s your flavour of choice for a gin cocktail?
Depends on the time of day. I love to start an evening with a French 75 or a martini and end with a negroni. On a hot Aussie summer’s day a G&T or gin and ginger is hard to beat.

How many gins do you think you have tried since becoming a fan?
Hundred and hundreds. In my personal collection I have around 350, but then if you factor in the gin judging I have done, (ASDA, Tasting Australia , ADI and World Gin awards), it’s probably more like thousands!