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Slingsby Gin from Harrogate

The story begins in the North Yorkshire spa town of Harrogate which is home and inspiration for Slingsby's award-winning Spirits.

In 1571 William Slingsby discovered the unique properties of the natural spring water from Harrogate’s Tewit Well. His discovery brought thousands of visitors to ‘take the waters’ which was thought to have medicinal properties and to this day, people from all over the world visit the spa town to restore their body, mind and soul. Slingsby Gin seeks to capture the 'Spirit of Harrogate'; synonymous with its beautiful and restorative nature and deliver it in a bottle for you to enjoy.

Local botanicals & fruits

The gins are crafted using 24 carefully selected botanicals. These include hand-grown local plants from Rudding Park Hotel kitchen garden in Harrogate and fruits from local Yorkshire suppliers that go into our flavoured range; our Rhubarb Gin is made with fruit from the world famous ‘Rhubarb Triangle’ in Wakefield and we use Yorkshire gooseberries and blackberries from Balloon Tree Farm in York. These ingredients are combined with a handful of the finest ingredients from around the world such as the grapefruit peel that gives our London Dry Gin that delicate citrus flavour and the most important ingredient of them all, our piney juniper berries.

World famous waters

Following Slingsby’s discovery over 400 years ago, Harrogate has built its reputation on the unique properties of its waters. Within a two mile radius of the town centre, 88 mineral springs rise to the surface and of these, some 35 are within an acre of Harrogate’s beautiful Valley Gardens.

Each of our spirits use water drawn from the world-famous Harrogate aquifer. 

Master Distiller

The master distiller, based at Langley Distillery, Birmingham, has over 35 years’ experience producing outstanding quality gins. We expertly combine Harrogate aquifer water, pure single grain spirit and our carefully selected botanicals and ingredients before masterfully finishing and bottling our award-winning products in North Yorkshire.

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