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Grant Collins

Essence of Harrogate catches up with award-winning mixologist, drinks advisor, consultant, presenter and founder of Gin Lane Sydney, to talk about his global experience, the industry and inspirations.

What is your role?
Group Bars Director & Founder Gin Lane Sydney/ Cartel Chippendale/ Blossom Bar Sydney.

What was your inspiration to go into the hospitality industry? 
To be honest I sorta fell into it. I was in the fitness industry and took some time out to travel to the US, found some casual work and also found working in bars a lot more fun than a gym!

I returned back to the UK and went straight into TGI Fridays for 5 years in the late 90’s, it was the best apprenticeship! Then onto working and running some top bars in London before moving to Oz (Australia). 
Long answer…. The short one is, it was more fun and better money than the fitness game in Cornwall, UK where I grew up.

What’s your desert island drink?
Would have to be a Zombie with lashings of Navy Rum.

Best bar you have been to in the world?
Tough one…For old school charm & killer Vespers-Duke Hotel London, Gin- Atlas, Singapore. Can’t go past PDT , NYC for speakeasy vibes.
For partying & beach vibes Ku De Ta, or Potato Head Bali.

Best ever gin cocktail Combination?
Gin & Tonic (not technically a cocktail?) 20th Century.

What makes your venue a standout?
Staff and points of difference. The staff and service is really the core of each venue. Drinks/ food and points of difference, second.

What’s the secret to a good cocktail?
Try to keep it simple. We are now using Rotavapor’s and Sous vides to create unique ingredients- while keeping the number of ingredients down.



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